Post- holiday ennui

Today I should have spent the day doing the washing; sorting out the jobs that needed to be done this week; tidying the house; writing up my holiday diary; downloading my photos… in general, all the things that you do on the Sunday after a two week holiday before you go back to work on Monday.

What I have done is finish two of the three books left unfinished from my holidays; half unpack my case; attempt to download the episode of Torchwood that I missed (eventually successfully); clear the out-of-date food from the kitchen cupboards (necessary, don’t ask); pick up the cat from the cattery… and that’s about it.

I have read my emails, including the one that says there’s an access problem to the building and I will need to wear a hard hat and high-vis jacket to work – for I think the fourth summer in a row, and the one that reminds me that we have to return an inter library loan book for a member of staff who has left, which means that I will need to contact the loaning library and grovel tomorrow.

And it’s raining. Please can I go back to Italy now?

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