The end of the summer

You can tell it’s the end of the summer, because it finally stopped raining this morning. There’s even a hint of sunshine just now, and when I went for a walk earlier, the fields at the top of the rise were steaming gently. It looked a bit surreal, as if a film crew were going to arrive over the ridge any minute.

Handsome goes back to work tomorrow, Mouse goes back to school on Wednesday and Hairy starts his new college course in two weeks – I have been working all the way through (apart from that gorgeous fortnight in Italy) but I’ll try not to rub that in too much because at least one of the rest of the family thinks life’s tough because he only got six weeks holiday…

I’m looking forward to Mouse going back to school, he’s been shouting at the egg-box™ far too much recently – and not doing enough sax practice. He starts piano lessons tomorrow – that’ll be fun and exciting (and expensive). Hairy specialised in Chemistry, it didn’t come nearly as pricey, I’m sure that the only thing we had to pay for was a lab coat and a couple of field trips. Mouse hasn’t even got all his music pieces yet and I’ve already spent a ridiculous amount, and we still have to find out if the school can provide guitar tutoring, and if we have to pay for that too. Thankfully the sax instruction is free.

And I have plans for making him busk in Edinburgh during next year’s Fringe so he can pay us back.

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