Booked up until next June

Handsome and I had that meeting tonight, the one where we (and some other people) decide when and where the Duke of Edinburgh walks will be this year – three groups (Bronze, Silver and ours are Gold this year), four to five training walks for each group plus a practice and real expedition each has a cumulative effect of no free weekends ever again. Ah well, we volunteer for this after all.

The real fun is the actual meeting – four diaries, three calendars, several websites (how many days off will we get for the jubilee celebrations? when are the sqa exams?) and the occasional input from me to remind Handsome that he really cannot have an expedition on the weekend of Mouse’s eighteenth birthday – not if he wants to come back to find the house is still standing that is. I have a diary full of post-it notes. Orange ones.

And now we just have to do all the rest of the paperwork – the consent forms; letters to landowners and farmers; letters to parents; minibus bookings… I actually enjoy the walking and camping bit and I don’t really mind the lost weekends, after all, I get to go for walks in Scottish countryside too, but I really resent the paperwork.

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2 Responses to Booked up until next June

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I have never heard of anything like this. You volunteer to do this? Does this raise money? It sounds like a huge endeavor but something that you enjoy.

  2. Suburban Mum says:

    I think you’re amazing for doing it!

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