and they even fired the cannons at the end…

This has got to be one of the most impressive backdrops for a concert, ever.We were there to see the The Arcade Fire, or perhaps just Arcade Fire these days, there seems to be some ambiguity there. The stands on Edinburgh Castle’s esplanade, after the Tattoo has finished, are always used for a few concerts before they are taken down again. We were about half-way along and right at the top, sharing space with the planes and pigeons.

The concert was a complete sell out, the forecast rain did not appear, and everyone (and there were a lot of people there) seemed really happy  It was an amazing atmosphere; the people in the stands (where you sit, isn’t that silly) stood up for the first song, and no-one ever sat down again. There were people dancing in the aisles and on the stairs, and the people down on the courtyard who were meant to be standing were just a seething mass of movement. Arcade Fire were perfect.

The thing is, as previously mentioned, we were right at the top of the extremely high, temporary-type-structure stands, and when people started to stomp and clap and dance, they shook. The stands, that is. In fact they shook almost continually for the entire length of the concert. And I couldn’t help thinking that, as the stands are built on the castle esplanade, and the castle is built on a volcanic plug, that it was probably a mile-and-a-half straight down to street level at the Grassmarket.

Then I got caught up in the music and it didn’t matter any more – after all, Handsome is an engineer by training, and he didn’t look particularly worried. At the end there were humongous numbers of people jammed into the top end of the Royal Mile, and no-one was leaving very fast at all. We got separated in the crowd,  but Mouse waited and looked after me. He got yet another t-shirt out of the evening, which he managed to wear to school today (uniform? what uniform?).

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One Response to and they even fired the cannons at the end…

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    It sounds like a wonderful concert. I usually get caught up in the music as well. Glad your structure was secure!

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