first walk with the new group

We had a day of sunshine and showers today for our first walk with the new Gold Duke of Edinburgh group. Some of them are our last year’s Silver group (who we have brought through from Bronze so we know fairly well); some of them have done Silver, but a few years ago; some have done Bronze, skipped Silver and come in at Gold, and some are absolutely brand new – so a real mixed bunch.Navigationally, they are all challenged… there were quite a few missed turns today, and a wonderful moment when the entire group were clustered round a map and not one of them could work out which way they should go next. Luckily we were there. We won’t be walking with them next time, so I think we’ll have to do some serious map and compass work before we next go out.However, they all finished the 20k cheerful and (eventually) in the right place, and only two hours later than their route cards said they should!The heather on the hills was stunningly purple today – especially when the sun came out.

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One Response to first walk with the new group

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Your pictures are stunning and breathtaking! The purple is amazing. Wow.

    I think that is very interesting how there are groups that do walking together. What a fun thing to do. I would be lost in a second and I suppose I would need to be in your group 🙂

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