in defence, but not in apology

I am so busy at the moment that my mind reels when I think about it. The in tray on my desk has expanded into a large (pink) plastic storage container, because there was so much in it that it tsunamied all over the desk and down onto the floor whenever I tried to find anything in it. I went to a meeting this morning for half an hour and came back to find I had received thirty-five emails which needed action from me – it took me several minutes to delete the ones that I didn’t need to do anything about! I seem to have more work than it is feasible for me to do within my working hours, in fact, even without my working hours, because I’ve stayed late every day this week.

I’ve managed to get myself onto a working party (I do still really want to be on it) which is going to involve a very heavy time commitment from me in the next six months – including a course which may be at the weekend. I haven’t told Handsome about that one yet… I have a full timetable, no non-contact time and a department to run.

Oh well, Monday’s a holiday, Tuesday’s a training day (more meetings), and on Wednesday I’ll still have a back-log.

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