grey gunge

Handsome is a wickedly good cook – I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m going to make sure I’ve said it again before I mention tonight’s dinner, so that I don’t end up cooking tomorrow…

Tonight’s dinner was one of the quick meals that he seems to knock together effortlessly when we’re late home, leek and prawn risotto, and for which we usually have all the ingredients in. But tonight there was not as much arborio rice as there should have been, so he had to substitute some of it with basmati. And there wasn’t any white wine, either cooking or drinking, so he had to substitute red wine. He nearly didn’t manage to find the leeks because I’d filed them in the wrong place, but luckily they turned up, or it probably would have had either broad beans or courgettes in it.

Normally the risotto is a pleasant cream colour, with hints of pale green and pink – tonight it was a kind of battleship sludge colour… the red wine didn’t go at all well with the green of the leeks, and by the time it had parmesan sprinkled on top… well, it was easier to eat it with closed eyes! It still tasted gorgeous, but probably wouldn’t have won any awards on Masterchef. I didn’t dare take photographs, Handsome would have killed me.

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