pickled christmas trees

Just up the road from where we live is a very large Christmas tree farm. Well, they have to grow them somewhere. Handsome keeps telling me that it is the largest Christmas tree farm in Scotland/the UK/Europe/the world – or something along those lines, I forget, but anyway, it is pretty big, and it supplies all the big supermarkets and diy stores. Tonight, when we came past there were signs of activity… tractor trails in and out, open gates and people on the site. For goodness sake, it’s only September! Won’t the trees die if they start moving them out now, or is there some method of Christmas tree preservation that I’m unaware of? Perhaps they can be frozen… More prosaically, they are probably just getting the security in place. Christmas trees will become more valuable in the next few months, so there is round-the-clock security, including big spotlights and big dogs to chase away the Christmas tree thieves. One year we managed to get our Christmas tree free, when it fell off the back of a lorry (really!). We didn’t pick it up, although we did nearly hit it with the car, but one of our neighbours did, and he didn’t need it because he already had one. It was a good tree too, it lasted all the way through New Year!

Now I’ve written about Christmas in September, presumably that means I won’t have to write about it again? If only I was this organised about the rest of it!

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