There was a first aid course running in my library today: I have carpets to make kneeling on the floor more comfortable, and lots of space for people to lie around pretending to be unconscious in. That sounds churlish, however I honestly had no objections because not only did it give me a chance to do some serious shelf-tidying (something that only normally happens when there’s a ‘z’ in the month) but it also allowed me to refresh my own first aid knowledge by listening in.

I worry about having to actually use first aid, and sometimes I wonder if I would be less anxious about the whole thing if I hadn’t taken the qualification and could therefore just refuse to take responsibility, but I think I’d probably be more stressed if I couldn’t do anything. It’s just that I’m always bothered that I might do the wrong thing, or that I might not do enough, and it’s not as if anyone can predict when they might have to use it. What if I have to do CPR on top of a hill top with no ‘phone signal? Would it be my fault if someone died because I wasn’t good enough?

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