going on about the weather again

Yesterday we were in Glasgow. The sun shone quite warmly as we meandered around the glasshouses in the botanic gardens; it was certainly hot enough for them to have opened all the air vents in the Kibble Palace

(such a great name for an oversized greenhouse – I keep meaning to look up why it’s called that but then I think that it’s bound to be something quite boring so perhaps it’s better not to know). Blossom and Hairy rather liked the carnivorous plants – I preferred the hanging orchid-like things.

There’s a hidden subterranean railway station that I didn’t know about before, but Hairy did. He took us all behind the bushes to see it… Blossom, on the other hand, took me to see her rather gorgeous little knitting café/shop – we could have spent ages in there looking at all the hand-dyed colours and hand-spun softnesses. But Handsome only stayed because I got him coffee, and Hairy only stayed because Blossom was there!

When we got home the evening was clear and warm, with the most gorgeous huge autumnal moon, which I managed to photograph, although it took me a fair few shots to get an unblurred version on my dinky camera (and involved borrowing Handsome’s gorillapod).This morning it was drizzling when I left home; by mid-morning it was raining torrentially and it continued to do so all day. By the time I left work it felt distinctly chilly and the rain was starting to get icy. At the highest point of my road home it was no longer rain but very wet, slushy, granular snow… I did not bother photographing either the snow or the rain or the river running down our road because all the gutters were blocked. I reckon I’ll see it often enough in the next few months, and I won’t have any trouble remembering what rain looks like – sunshine, on the other hand, I may need reminding about from time to time.

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