delicate flower

Part of Mouse’s almost-a-grown-up final year at school, involves some P.S.E. (personal and social development) classes with rather more adult themes. He doesn’t usually share too much, and I try and refrain from pointing out that I know this stuff when he does. Today they had the road safety videos, the ones that are supposed to scare them witless in an attempt to make them drive more safely. Of which, incidentally, I approve.

Unfortunately, Mouse can be a somewhat more sensitive bloom than one would expect from a six-foot-and-something lump of normal seventeen-year-old. As he somewhat sheepishly confessed tonight, he fainted. In front of the rest of his year group… On the plus side it did get him a free bottle of water and some chocolate cheerios in case he had low blood sugar. (Chocolate cheerios? When did that happen?) Like most boys of his age, free food is enough to overcome embarrassment.

Handsome has been known to pass out at the sight of blood – especially his own – so this could be an inherited wimpishness factor, although I didn’t let Mouse know that. In fact, now I come to think of it, Handsome had to keep his eyes averted at Mouse’s birth, in case he fainted and got in the way of the midwives… so perhaps it’s learnt behaviour on Mouse’s part?

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One Response to delicate flower

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I know it can be hereditary. I have a friend that has had five c-sections. Her husband fainted at the first. After that, he stayed up near her head so he could not see. My guess is that it is vasovagal syncope, which my daughter gets when she sees needles and blood. There is a trigger and it makes the person either start to pass out, or totally pass out. It might help if your son knows this and closes his eyes when they show the actual blood or whatever the trigger is. My daughter is 16. She can get shots now but when she gave blood, she looked over at someone else (saw needle and blood) and got the vasovagal response and almost fainted.

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