a sense of something missing

Handsome found my lovely stupid cat dead on the drive this morning – it looks as though he came off worst in a fight, possibly with a fox. Handsome buried him at the bottom of the garden under the trees before we went to work.

Tonight I put away his bowls and basket – there are a plethora of cat toys underneath the kitchen units, but I didn’t have the heart to dig them all out this evening, I’ll do that tomorrow. I’m sitting on the settee in the lounge, and I keep expecting him to climb up and try to settle uncomfortably between my lap and my laptop, or climb up and crawl around the back of my shoulders. I automatically left both the lounge and kitchen doors open, because he hated closed doors, and wouldn’t settle if he was either shut in or shut out. It’s the sudden and unexpected ending that makes it difficult, I think. Here one minute, gone the next.

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