writing in two forms

Mouse has had a piece of writing published – a review of a rock concert he went to a few weeks ago with Hairy – he is absolutely, understandably, delightfully over the moon. And because he now has a foot in the door he might be offered tickets for other gigs they want reviewed. And they might even be for bands he likes, if he’s lucky.

Tomorrow he is going to go into school and change the personal statement on his UCAS form from ‘I have written a piece for’ to ‘I have had an article published’ – it certainly can’t do him any harm on an application to do English at Uni.

As a side note, I am stunned by how fast his texting skills have improved. Two weeks ago he didn’t have a viable phone; last weekend we bought him a phone with an unlimited text contract; today he was using both thumbs without looking. Are they born with it?

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