Yes, well…

I did call this blog “it’s not like I have time to do this”, and sometimes, I just don’t! So, lets gloss over the longish gap since I last wrote anything down, because I have been, in that time – socialising, working, reading, climbing, walking, creating, worrying, planning… you get the general idea.

In the meantime, after a quite remarkably botherless winter, we seem to be approaching spring quite fast. Last weekend we had a group of kids walking a route that I hate, because usually it is so claggy and boggy that you have to add two hours to the allotted time just to allow for the time spent pulling your legs out of the mud. But we had a gorgeous very cold and sunny day, and most of the route remained frozen for the whole day – it made life so much easier. No sinking and the kids not too muddy in the minibus on the way home.

Today Handsome and I walked the back road – there are snowdrops and calves and (despite the remaining storm debris) real signs of spring – although it’s probably a bit early to get optimistic yet, we have had snow in February before. The tulips in the pot at my back door are spiking through, and there are daffodil beginnings all through the grass at the back of the house.

See why I have no time? I’ve only just finished clearing up the house from New Year and I’m obviously going to have to start gardening soon!

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