Two days in a row? I’m not guaranteeing it’ll last!

I shouldn’t have even mentioned the ‘S’ word yesterday – apparently we now have snow forecast tomorrow, and Mouse has his AH English prelim. Luckily three of the class of six get on his bus, so if the bus doesn’t run they’re probably going to have to rerun the exam. Is it something to do with AH English that so many of them live in the remotest bit of their school catchment? Perhaps it encourages creativity.

I spent forty-five minutes I couldn’t spare today doing a council-led risk assessment test that was a) compulsory and b) really didn’t apply to me so didn’t make much sense. It was obviously devised for people who work on computers all day, which I don’t. Although I appreciate that those based at workstations might need to do these sort of tests, I do think that some common sense should apply, and that rather than making everyone in the council fill in the whole thing, they could maybe make the first question ‘Do you use a computer for more than ten percent of your working day’, and then allow those of us who don’t to opt out of the rest!

It was lengthy, tedious and multiple choice – without enough choices or alternatively a button that allowed you to type in an ‘other’ answer. I’m probably going to have to fill it in again, although I scored 100 percent in the actual test (not hard) I couldn’t fill in most of the risk assessment bit, ‘cos most of it didn’t apply. Handsome just cheated and put in the answers they wanted, I would have done the same if there wasn’t something they already know about me that contradicted one of the answers…

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