feral chickens

I think it is totally admirable that my next door neighbour has free-range chickens, I believe that they even occasionally lay eggs for him… I don’t mind the clucking, crowing or general hennishness of them at all, and the babies are really cute and fluffy. However, it has to be asked – how far should a free-range chicken wander before it can be defined as trespassing?  His chickens are in my garden, eating the seed from my bird-feeders (which they bump to get the seed to fall on the ground), and when I get around to planting things, they will be turfing up my plants.

And yes, I am quite grumpy about it.

I wired the fence last year, from this side, but it’s come loose over the winter and they scoot underneath. We could wire it again, but we don’t have a whole lot of free time, and I genuinely don’t see why we should – they are not our hens, and they don’t lay their infrequent eggs in my garden. But then again, we can’t afford to fall out with the neighbour, who is a very useful builder, and I actually wouldn’t want to anyway, because he’s a really nice bloke… and we might need his help when we have to replace the kitchen.

Oh dear. I’ll just have to keep shouting at them and running around the garden waving my arms about in an undignified and fairly unsuccessful way.

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