wbd part 2

It was magic.

I did not make a particularly convincing orang-utan, although the bananas proved popular – I had none left for my own lunch. Luckily we had an extremely convincing Miss Haversham, complete with dead flowers, and full explanation speech for those who didn’t know who she was. Two Cat-in-Hats came, along with Mr. Bump, Lucy, Long John Silver, Julius Caesar… lots of dressing up!

We had kids enthusing about the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, anything written by Chris Ryan, Wuthering Heights, Maximum Ride and many many more – and they were really enthusing. They were reading bits out, explaining why they loved these books, persuading others to read their favourites and in some cases getting into arguments. I almost had to intervene when one child’s best book was another’s worst book.

Who says kids don’t read – I can show you lots who do.

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2 Responses to wbd part 2

  1. Jen says:

    Can we not see a pic of you as an orangutan? Jen (aka Suburban Mum) xx

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