oh blast, my credit card has exploded…

After several weeks of thinking, and planning and looking Handsome and I have finally committed ourselves to the actual purchase of the new kitchen. It was difficult. I had to ‘phone up the credit card company for permission to overspend, and in order to do that I had to get Mouse to read the number off the back of the card – because the writing was too small for me to read, and it was white on pale green. Obviously old, slightly colour-blind people are not supposed to spend lots of money…

But, it’s done now, and we have ordered, paid for, and had the delivery date confirmed (not until July when Handsome is free to fit it) – no going back.

All we have to do now is

  • decide on the worktops (we’re not finding common ground just now)
  • find the tiles – multicoloured ones
  • get the new hob, and oven and extractor
  • re-plaster the ceiling after having removed the not-working extractor fan
  • choose the paint
  • floor it

Oh for goodness sake, we haven’t got time for this!

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One Response to oh blast, my credit card has exploded…

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    So envious of you getting a new kitchen, I love looking at new kitchens! Unfortunately we rent so I’m not allowed to have a new one, so I will have to live vicariously through yours!

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