weather whinge

I do live in the UK so it’s perfectly all right, and in fact almost expected, that my main topic of conversation should sometimes be the weather. Today is the longest day – in Scotland, at this time of year it hardly gets dark at all. Apart from today, when it has been raining torrentially all day, it looks and feels like mid November and I have just had to get up and find an extra fleece because I am freezing.

We switched the heating off weeks ago when there was a brief period of sunshine, so now we’re mostly being stoic and pretending that we’re not shivering in the living room.

Please can I have some summer?

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One Response to weather whinge

  1. mumof4 says:

    We are in Italy this week and it has been so ridiculously hot – we have all needed about 2 showers a day just to cool down. Some old dear on the local boats felt so sorry for my sweaty 8 year old she gave him her fan!! Apparently Denver (home) has had over 100 degrees this week too…..

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