Summer of the sandbags

It has now rained here for thirty days…

Every morning I have the challenge of whether to wear my never-quite-dry walking boots to paddle to the car, or whether to roll up my jeans and wear my walking sandals (which dry fast, but not quite fast enough to stop them squelching every time I depress the clutch pedal).

I got home from work today to find a small stream running down the hill and happily burbling and chuckling straight down our drive into the garage – the one the new kitchen is stored in (luckily on top of pallets). After mooring the car to a handy buoy and wading into the house, I actually managed to contact the council person responsible for handing out sandbags just before she left work herself.

My only question now, is can I drive over them in the morning or do I have to move them, let the water in, and then put them back?

By the way, there was much more water there, I waited until it had gone down before I took the photograph!

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