I was really quite overwhelmingly (and possibly inappropriately) happy when the dishwasher made it back into the kitchen on Friday. I celebrated by running it twice in quick succession. We’ve got to Sunday night now, and we have a new working cooker and hob (Handsome cooked a proper Sunday dinner tonight); the sink is back, as are the fridge and freezer, and we are just starting to argue about what we are going to put where.

My coffee machine is currently located very centrally – I may get back from work tomorrow to find it has been sidelined.

We still have some bits and pieces to sort out ‘though. We may have some difficulty with the tiles… Handsome picked a colour from the many swatches lying around, apparently it’s called Sea Urchin and he is positive that it is a blue/green colour (he is colour blind), I think it’s sort of reddy orange (so am I), and Mouse says it’s blue-grey (as far as we are aware, he isn’t).

Photos when it’s finished… no matter what colour it is.

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