at every turn

Is it just me?

I had to go into two shops tonight after work – one was supermarketish (for carrots and celery and chocolate, I was only buying things starting with ‘c’ tonight) and the other was hardwareish (for door handles and clippy things). I deliberately chose not to go through the self-service checkout at the supermarket because there was a queue, whereas there wasn’t one at the nearest ordinary checkout. That didn’t stop the supervisor pointing me towards the self-service ones… by the time I’d finished explaining why I hadn’t gone there (I’m an adult, I can make these decisions) there was an even bigger queue.

So, I went straight to the manned checkout, put my ‘c’ products down, fished out my purse, paid, picked them up again and headed for the door – where a very polite man asked me why I hadn’t used the self-service checkout today…

Next stop, the hardware shop where they keep door handles in an entirely different place from door handle fitting bits… I had to ask someone. It took a while for them to find a person who understood that door handle fitting bits are kept with screws and nails, whilst door handles are kept with electrical sockets? Why? And then I asked where I would find the clips that fix boards onto the bottom of kitchen cupboards – I sort of described them (not well, obviously) and then I eliminated all the nice man’s suggestions and attempted to describe them again. He passed me on to a kitchen helping person, who said instantly ‘Oh, plinth clips! What kind do you want?’ Handsome had assured me (twice) that there was only one kind and that I wouldn’t need any specialist knowledge. More to the point, I’d already had to phone him about the door bits (shanks apparently, not escutcheons), so I really didn’t want to phone him again about plinth clips.

I guessed.

There was no choice about using the self service checkout this time, because they didn’t have any others open, and I really don’t have any problems using them, it’s just that I don’t like being shouted at because it’s taken me more than point four of a second to locate the bar code on my plinth clips…

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3 Responses to at every turn

  1. dderbydave says:

    Funny post. I’d choose self scan if it’s clear, every time as I hate standing in queues. I work in a supermarket and am a little baffled as to why someone with two items will stand behind two £100 shops rather than whizz through self scan. They’re fab when there are no queues. Apart from the shouting and telling me I’ve put an ‘unexpected’ item in the bagging area. I just scanned the thing so you can’t be surprised I’ve put it in the bagging area. … yes I do shout back at them. And when they don’t scan the barcode say ‘beep’ a few times … it works for me 🙂

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