just a normal day

Today at work I painted two-and-a-half noticeboards bright blue, because they were pale wishy-washy yellow, against flesh-pink walls. I can’t do anything about the walls, but I decided it was time I did something about the noticeboards. The remaining half needs to be done tomorrow – I forgot to switch the radiator beneath it off, and it was a bit hot to continue. I don’t know who originally planned chose randomly allocated the colours for my library, but they were probably more colour blind than me. Also none of it has been repainted for over fifteen years.

I took down two tents – they’ve been airing – and put one up. It was full of rubbish, but I know who returned it, so I’ll have a go at them when I next see them. I’ve now had every joke conceivable from colleagues  about the tents in-between the bookshelves, but it is the most practical place to check them for repairs, and it’s dead easy to put them up indoors with a little bit of gaffer tape ‘borrowed’ from the FM team. Maybe I’ll keep them as small, private reading areas – I could just add a cushion or two…

I cleared out three big breadbaskets (I don’t know what the proper name is for these, but I’ve always called them breadbaskets because they have bread in them in my local supermarket – mine are blue) which did have books that I’m probably never going to get round to repairing, and now have neatly stacked tents, rucksacks, and trangias in. Obviously this means I have piles of non-repaired books under the counter now instead, but maybe I’ll manage to fob that job off onto one of the volunteer helpers. Or maybe not.

I spent a ridiculously large amount of time trying to plan new shelf markers, without actually doing anything about them, because I couldn’t get any of the things I wanted to do past the firewall, and then, when I’d given up on that I cleaned and hoovered my office, miraculously managing not to lean on or brush against the newly painted noticeboards.

Tomorrow I think I’d better do something book related.

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