I don’t need a private life anyway

Now that Handsome is feeling a bit more like himself, and is happily settled back at home (he’s not to go back to work for three weeks) it is time to think a little about our walking commitment. Luckily, having had a Gold Duke of Edinburgh group last year, this year we revert back to the beginning and have Bronze. Bronze groups start off with shorter, easier, accompanied day walks whilst we get the training in place, so Handsome will be able to take it very gently at first. I did point out that he didn’t even need to be there at the beginning, but he wasn’t having any of that.

This will be my third complete cycle of groups, and I may whinge about the paperwork, (which is truly mind-bogglingly tedious) but I do love it – the walking not the paperwork, no-one could love this paperwork.

Having said all this, and planned all the walks into the calendar, and discussed what we’ll talk about at the first meeting… we don’t actually know if there are any kids signing up this year. I’ll look a bit daft if no-one comes to the enrolment session. Not that I think that’s likely, I must have been asked about it by about fifty kids since the summer, in fact usually we are in the position of having to whittle down the numbers rather than boost them. The first walk this year for this group will be just before Hallowe’en, maybe I’ll wear my vampire teeth…

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2 Responses to I don’t need a private life anyway

  1. dderbydave says:

    It’s one regret I have: not doing my D of E when I had the chance.

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