Strolling up the lane with Handsome tonight, just after a short shower of rain but with September sunshine breaking through, there were masses of swallows skimming out of the fields around us and back in. I love watching them, and not only because they are catching midges! It always seems incredible that they can fly so close, and then double back on themselves in an instant. In a few week they’ll be gone until next Spring.

And then, half an hour later when we were walking back, a bit damply, because we had totally misjudged how long the rain would stay off, there were the first skeins of geese I have seen this year. You always hear them before you see them here, and there have been evenings when I have rushed out of the house just to watch thousands of geese flying overhead.

I have no photos tonight – the swallows were too fast and the geese were too high.

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