artificial autumn

This morning it looked like Autumn had arrived overnight. The high winds and heavy rain last night had swept so many leaves, and in fact whole branches, off the trees that the roads were covered with a slippery layer of green and brown all drowned in sludgy flooded dips. With the occasional side-swerving gusts of wind on the high bits of the moor, and the delightfully random escaped sheep (because their fences had blown down) it all made for a very exciting drive into work today.

Coming home it was much calmer, but all the streams were very full, and some had burst their banks, and I  notice that our neighbour has sandbagged his driveway again. Luckily the raised kerb that we had put in after the last round of flooding seems to have worked, so the drive wasn’t quite soup. I really hate it when my heels sink in the mud.

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