disobedient society

The Lang Whang is closed again – I swear that I must have written about the roadworks on that route so many times that it is positively boring. Something primaeval that lives on the moors must creep out at night and dig bits up just so that there is an excuse to spend weeks fixing it again. There is certainly plenty of moor where you could hide a whole tribe of tarmac-vandalising strange creatures, especially if they like mud. I particularly love it when the South Lanarkshire bit of the road is closed, reopens, and then the West Lothian bit closes two weeks later. Don’t tell me that they don’t do that on purpose!

However, this time around the Lang Whang is closed just past where I turn off it, so I had foolishly looked forward to slightly less traffic in the mornings and evenings. Oh no, the morning commuters just slow down, negotiate the double chicane (there are two sets of ‘road closed’ signs and a barrier on each side of the road, but there has to be access for the farms) and carry on. And I still have to look left in the evenings too, although it’s a bit harder to see if vehicles are approaching because of all the road furniture causing blind spots… Presumably closed is only closed sometimes, and not when you’re in a hurry.

I’m only really grumpy about it because I know that I would never dare do that, and if I did I would be caught and told off.

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