and again but with Roman roads

Today I was planning to stay at home and do the stuff that needs to be done, like ironing (because there is always ironing) and cleaning Hairy’s room (in case a friend remembers that she said she’d visit in October) and sorting out various bits and pieces for next week at work (like the double-booking in my diary that I’m trying not to think about).

But, when we got up this morning there was frost on the ground and the sun was splitting the sky, and despite the fact that we’d been walking yesterday we decided that we had to go walking today as well. After all, we are only weeks away from the clocks changing, and after that it’s just basically dark all the time. And depressing.

So, we went for a walk along a Roman road, with sections of Medieval drove road and a 17th century bridge, which went past Iron Age cists, Bronze Age cairns and an 18th century home farm… a real stroll through the ages.

And I still managed to get the ironing done after I got back.

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