away with the fairies

Handsome picked me up from work yesterday and took me to an Enchanted Forest with druids and unicorns – truly – although we did stop off in Pitlochry for dinner first, and I didn’t actually believe in the unicorn.

There is no way my little camera was up to taking photographs of multi-coloured, moving lights in a forest at night, so I have no photos – Handsome does, I might steal some of his later – but anyway, you couldn’t have captured the overall effect, which (if you excluded the rather naff unicorn) was really rather magical. The walk goes around a pool, so everything is reflected if it’s a still, clear night, and last night was that kind of night. Cold though. We walked round twice, and by the time we’d stopped and looked at the bits you have to stop and look at, and listened to the druids (who were wearing very sensible looking woolly robes) it had started to get pretty cold, and there was a layer of mist forming on the water which made it even more stunning.

Blossom would have absolutely loved it; I wish I’d thought to take her.

We got home at midnight, and there was a clear, cold, midnight sky – dark, dark, dark with stars studded through the depth of it. Gorgeous.

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