sometimes the plan is better than the reality

We had a plan for today…

Mouse required an uplift from university (he has a week’s break – when did universities start having half-term holidays?) as his dirty washing mountain would apparently require it’s own train ticket. I’m not sure if that’s because of the size of the bag or whether it’s because it has mutated into a sentient living being. The plan was that we would drive up this afternoon; walk up Ben A’an; take photos of the incredibly picturesque view from the top; walk down; do a drop of shopping for dinner tonight; collect Mouse (and washing) and drive home again.

The actuality went like this: drive north through incredible spray on the motorway as far as Stirling, whilst listening to a weather forecast that seemed to say the rain was in our imagination; drive to Callander through increasingly dreary weather; sit in the car park at the foot of Ben A’an watching very wet walkers coming down through the dripping forest whilst being unable to see further than mid-way up the trees due to the grey cloud; eat sandwiches and drink coffee in increasingly steamed up car – oh the joys of Scottish weather.

It’s still raining now, and we’ve been home for a couple of hours… Ben A’an will have to wait for another day. We can’t really complain, we’ve had three weekends of walking in sunshine in October this year.

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2 Responses to sometimes the plan is better than the reality

  1. dderbydave says:

    wise decision by the sound of it.
    brings back happy memories of bright orange cagouls and kendal mintcake 35 years ago in the Lakes.

  2. Oh I hate Kendal mintcake so much!

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