don’t step on the frog unless you’re sure what colour it is…

Climbing tonight.

Handsome is beginning to get his muscles back, so we progressed tonight from the four pluses and fives we climbed last time. We have been being very cautious; I really don’t want Handsome hurt again, and I don’t think he particularly wishes to be in pain, so we have been keeping it easy and gentle, and only climbing for an hour or so at a time.

Tonight we stayed a little longer, and climbed a few higher grades and I even fell off (something I was a bit worried about) without Handsome either collapsing or being pulled off his feet. It’s all looking good.

We only have a small problem now – because the clocks have changed, and the lighting in the arena can be a little poor (sometimes you are half way up a wall and the spotlight switches off because it’s got too hot), and some of the walls are arranged in such a way that you can guarantee that your shadow will obscure the holds, it can be extremely difficult to work out whether you have your foot on a red, green or yellow frog!

It’s good to be climbing again, I have missed it.

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