long-distance parental responsibility

I have to wonder at myself sometimes…

I bought Mouse an advent calendar (well no, to be honest I put it on the shopping list so Handsome bought it) because he said ‘Please’ and ‘Everyone else has one’ and ‘You told me my budget was for essentials’. I was missing his company at the time, so I said ‘Of course dear’ and ‘Really, Honey?’ and ‘Have you been eating properly?’ and then I wrote advent calendar on the kitchen shopping list and committed myself to yet another family tradition. Obviously next year he’s going to remind me that I always buy him one.

On the positive side, Handsome bought him one almost as tasteless as last year’s Ben 10 calendar and in really virulent intended-for-small-child colours. He’s going to love it. Advent calendars in our family are either really, really special like the hand embroidered one with hooks for presents which has now been passed down to younger members of the family or really, really cheap and mass-marketish like the one we have posted to Mouse tonight.

The postage probably cost more than it did.

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One Response to long-distance parental responsibility

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    I would be *very* upset if my parents didn’t send me an advent calendar. And I’m 40!

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