Mary Poppins obviously didn’t have my birdseed bill

Tuppence a bag? In your dreams!

ChaffinchIt has been very cold here the last few days, and the birds have been emptying the garden feeders even more voraciously than usual. I refilled them twice both yesterday and today, and in the process managed to spill a bit on the patio right outside the windows. So, I spent this afternoon* watching small bird politics…

The female chaffinches give way to the male ones, or risk being chased off by them. However one of the females managed to stay on the outside of the puddle of spilled birdseed longer than anything else by continually moving around, while the male probably got far less birdseed Robinthan her because he spent his entire time chasing other birds away! The robins (we appear to have three) pose. Beautifully. The spend their entire time working out which way they should stand or perch to show off their best side… The sparrows gossip and chatter and fly off to the feeders and then fly back and have another natter.

I love the coal tits best of all. They launch in like a gang of Sparrowsbadly behaved children, about fifteen at a time, shoulder all the grown-ups larger birds out of their way, cluster onto the feeders continually jostling for position, so that it looks like a black-and-white cloud – and then they all speed off again, leaving the other birds wondering what hit them.

*Whilst ironing – I wasn’t wasting time, honestly!

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