Everyone has something odd on their Christmas tree, don’t they?

Mouse is home for Christmas – and because he’s at Stirling, with their very strange academic year, he will potentially be home for a month, or even two… His lectures and seminars don’t restart until February some time. I think it’s unlikely that he’ll be here Christmas Rat (Reepicheep)much past early January – he’ll be missing his friends too much by then. But just now he’s home, which is wonderful. Hairy and Blossom won’t be here for Christmas Day itself, but they will be here the next day, so I’ll have everyone here from Boxing Day through to at least New Year, and hopefully to my birthday.

The Christmas tree is up and reasonably tasteful, thanks to me hiding the worst of the decorations from Handsome and Mouse being tall enough to reach the top branches. We do, however, have a completely tacky yellow felt star on top, and a Christmas rat hiding in the branches – they’re traditional.

I have three and a half days left to work before the holidays but all my presents are organised and I have cached an extra roll of sticky tape for emergencies. I’m just about ready to be very excited about Christmas. Hopefully I won’t remember what I’ve forgotten until it’s too late to worry about it.

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One Response to Everyone has something odd on their Christmas tree, don’t they?

  1. dderbydave says:

    we have lots of old school craft including a spider’s web!

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