My worst nightmare at this time of year? Having to go to the local shopping centre after work when it is full-to-the-gunnals of Christmas shoppers, and rings to the sound of distorted Christmas pop songs played very, very loudly in an attempt to cover up the sound of me whinging. Yes, it is personal.

And this is why I have finished my Christmas shopping, and also why I did most of it in local small shops or on-line…

BrokenSo, I was not the happiest bunny in the box when Handsome told me that his glasses had had a tragic accident in the workshop, and were no longer functional, and that he needed to replace them immediately. He had attempted to make them workable with sticky tape – I reckon he might have done better if he’d tried to weld them together.

really brokenThis will be Handsome’s second set of glasses this month, he broke the last pair too, only that time he cracked the lens rather than the frame. This is however an improvement on the previous two replacement pairs of glasses, both of which had to be bought whilst we were away from home, because he had forgotten to bring them with him.

He’s not really a natural glasses wearer.

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