Ever hopeful

It snowed this morning. We all got to work on time, no drama necessary. It kept snowing lightly, but there were reassuringly frequent fleets of big yellow gritters visible on the main road outside. And I had a discussion with a group of teenage boys which went like this…

Will we get sent home?

I shouldn’t think so.

Why not?

Because it isn’t snowing very much and the roads are clear.

But if we went home we could revise in safety… (or play the X-box without our parents knowing).

But you are already safe here.

Are you sure we won’t get sent home?


But the schools in England are closed, that’s not fair.

There is more snow in England.

And the Borders – the schools are shut there too. Why aren’t we being sent home?

Because this is neither England nor the Borders and there isn’t very much snow!

If it snows more do you think we’ll get sent home?

Probably not…

At this point they all gave up on any sympathy from me and went to stare out of the windows in the hope that willpower alone would make it snow more. They were doomed to disappointment. After a while they gave up and went to the illicit burger van for lunch – fifteen minutes away through the incredibly dangerous millimeters-deep snow.

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4 Responses to Ever hopeful

  1. dderbydave says:

    similar conversation here (In England). Didn’t help when I told them I walked to school in knee deep snow in 78. Only Ashley got the day off because his Disabled Bus cried off.

  2. Suburban Mum says:

    We have no snow here in South Manchester. M’s school has been the location of similar discussions!

  3. mumof4 says:

    But I so remember the thrill, the very idea of being sent home from school when it snowed.
    I also remember the lack of updates/phone trees when the weather was bad and still having to stand at the freezing cold bus stop for 40 minutes waiting for the bus not to show before we could traipse home……

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