Sheep with creepy eyesSheep are seriously creepy creatures. As we came home tonight in the half-light that you get when it really should be dark but there is a moderately full moon, a clear sky and very reflective snow all over the ground – rounding the corner at the bottom of our road there was a field full of eyes. Sheep eyes reflecting the car lights in the spookiest way. You can’t actually see the sheep (white on white) but they are all huddled together so there seem to be too many eyes for the correct number of sheep. Disembodied eyes looking at you from behind the darkness.

Who needs scary films when you can have sheep?

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One Response to sheepish?

  1. Suburban Mum says:

    I LOVE this! I am totally in agreement. I think the whole “stupid” persona is just a big ruse and they’re waiting for their big moment to “get” us.

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