white on white, green and purple and red, then more white

There were snowdrops on the sheltered side of the path at EICA tonight – very appropriately, they were sticking up through the snow…

We climbed in almost complete isolation this afternoon, obviously everyone else had taken the snow warnings seriously and stayed somewhere warm, dry and safe. Their loss! There were new climbs to be climbed, and we managed to be first on one, moving in just as the setter finished. It was very satisfying to be able to cruise straight to the top of a new climb, first go. There was no grade on it, but I would imagine that if I could climb it clean and unseen it must be about a 7c? 6b? 4.

As we left the arena, the instructors all came out to play on the new climbs too – it was obviously so quiet that they were allowed out to “check” the routes. And as we left Ratho the snow came on again. Poor snowdrops.

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