twenty eight maps later my sharpie has run out…

Marking  mapsWe have our Bronze group out on the hills on Sunday and, as could be expected at the beginning of February, the weather forecast is wet and windy and cold… they have been told to wrap up well and bring a flask of soup for lunch.

Because they are both an inexperienced group and a very large group (meaning that there are too many of them to get round at the meetings) I had twenty-eight route cards to check last night, and twenty-eight maps to mark tonight. I am glad I checked their route cards; there is a distinct possibility that one group would have ended up in a different country altogether – Wales maybe. Before we start the walk on Sunday, I intend to line them up and make sure that they all know which way is left and which way is right, because they certainly didn’t when writing the description of where they were going! Perhaps I could get their parents to buy them those mittens with L and R on them…

However we will keep a very close eye on them all, and actually I’m not as bothered by the left-is-right and right-is-left group as I am by the gung-ho ‘we can climb anything’ group of boys, who might well do something daft like run down hills and who think it’s some kind of competition in which they have to finish first (despite being the third group away). Maybe I’ll have to give them a handicap.

If the rain is not torrential, and I’m not too busy tripping up fifteen-year-old boys I might take some photos of the beautiful Pentlands.

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