did someone say that kids don’t read any more?

faultinourstars-1srx6ksMouse is going into Glasgow tomorrow to see the ubiquitous John Green on his tour for The Fault in Our Stars – so are several of the kids I work with. He has, apparently, sold out the Glasgow Concert Hall. It’s not a small cosy space; it’s a fairly massive auditorium.

This is amazing.

I know about all the internet stuff, and the nerdfighter bits, and the whole being awesome thing… but fundamentally, this is an author who writes books that young people love and in return they are treating him like a rock star. How good is that?

(I’ve read them too, and I loved them, although I’m definitely not a young person)

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2 Responses to did someone say that kids don’t read any more?

  1. LKD says:

    Neither am I, but I did just recently finish A Fault in Our Stars. Would have liked to go, maybe kindasorta,

  2. dderbydave says:

    He was TV this morning.
    They were saying his gigs are evangelical in the way they’re presented.
    He himself says it’s odd to spend much of his time in a cellar writing on his own and then go to speak to so many young people.

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