Today I can forgive him snoring over the TV (but only because he chose the programme)

pinkThe books are not mine (they are way too girly and pink) but are from a Valentine Day display in my library. I do like the concept of a heart of books, even if they are not books I would read. They had all gone out by the end of the day, so the kids obviously liked them too.

Handsome gave me tulips, gorgeous red and yellow tulips which are sitting on the other side of the table from my laptop smiling at me (Handsome himself isn’t smiling, he’s snoring in front of the TV). I gave him a chocolate zoo – very cute little lions and zebras and elephants.

Little stuff is just fine, and I think it may be the first time in x years (where x is an integer greater than 20) that we have both remembered in advance and been organised enough to have done something about it.

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