Tonight, whilst shedding the work persona (heels, smart trousers, top with sleeves that haven’t been stretched out of shape by constant pushing up past elbows) and donning the climber extraordinaire persona (none of the above and having to remember to take my wedding ring off) I happened to notice that as well as the usual detritus in EICA’s changing rooms, someone had left a sports bag with a kayak paddle threaded through, so that there was a paddle at each end of a large pink bag. Presumably it didn’t fit in a locker?

It was still dripping slightly, so I assume it had been used – there was no sign of the kayak itself, but I didn’t feel the need to run down to the canal in the dark and check it out. Perhaps it was parked outside… I know lots of people cycle to EICA, but it’s the first time I’ve been aware of anyone arriving by boat.

I got even further up that elusive 6b tonight (I know how to do the bit I got stuck on last time now) so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Although bruised.

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One Response to commuting

  1. dderbydave says:

    that’s a first! must be a lovely way to travel

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