health and insanity

I had a slight contretemps with a swing door today – it swung back just as I put my hand up to stop it, I caught it on slightly the wrong angle and jarred my arm. A bit sore, some (fairly standard for me) pins and needles, and a note to self to try to pay attention a little more when going through doors… I had been reading a letter and talking to someone while walking fairly mindlessly along the corridor.

To my horror, when I went to beg two ibrufrofen pain killers from the management, I was told that I should fill in an accident form. Really? The only people involved were me and the door – the door didn’t appear to be damaged, and I was fully aware that it was my own fault.

I did read the form – the questions didn’t seem to apply…

  • Q. What caused the accident?
  • A. The clumsiness of the Librarian.
  • Q. What action could be put into place to prevent repetition of the accident?
  • A. Remove all doors.
  • A2. Remove Librarian.
  • A3. Repaint doors in a less offensive colour, thereby making Librarian less likely to avert her eyes and therefore more likely to spot door swinging towards her.
  • A4. Genetically modify Librarian to make her less clumsy.

Nope – I decided not to bother with the form, and just to take the painkillers. They worked, I’m fine, the door unfortunately is still pink.

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One Response to health and insanity

  1. dderbydave says:

    Same in our workplace. If I cut my finger I sneak in for a plaster to avoid over eager managers who want to fill h&s forms. I’m sure they get extra bonus the more of them they do.

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