sharing the building with sherlock holmes, the white queen and many wallys

WBD2013_red_rightdownIt was World Book Day today, the one day in the year when I can read at work and get away with it – even although that is actually reading out loud to my favourite group of disaffected-but-really-quite-nice fifteen-year-old boys. To be fair, they seemed to enjoy the specially chosen, rather violent extract from a zombie novel that I chose, and the book was taken away by one of them to read over the weekend.


I was dressed up at the start of the day, but I kept tripping up over all the shawls, and I was threatening to overheat as well (and the knitting was a tangled mess, even after two people had ‘fixed’ it for me) so I abandoned my costume in the office. I am hugely impressed by the people who stayed in character all day. We had a mass Where’s Wally flash-mob in the foyer at lunchtime (the inspired idea of one of my colleagues) and kids running all over the building to collect the names of staff wearing character badges – it was just a brilliant day. Tomorrow I get to go through the hundred plus entry forms and sort out who actually won.

Back to the mundane next week – it’s probably going to take a whole day to tidy up my library again.

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