I like snow, but I don’t like cancelling walks

We had to cancel our Bronze group’s walk on Sunday – a pity as it would have been their first walk carrying a full pack, and we like to break them in to that by using a fairly low-level route that isn’t too long or difficult navigationally (although quite frankly this lot find any sort of map reading quite challenging) and now they are going to have to go straight into their practice expedition, which is slightly more difficult

We didn’t really have any choice about cancelling once the snow started to settle – we’re not allowed to take them out when there is snow on the ground, no matter how big an adventure it might be for them! We have had groups out when it started snowing half way through a walk (not forecast) – that’s a different thing entirely, and we have had groups where there was no snow at the car park, but there was snow higher up in shady corners… but fundamentally we shouldn’t take kids onto the hills when there is laying snow.

Just as well that we didn’t, there was quite a lot of snow by the end of the day!

Because there has to be a positive for every negative, the tents and rucsacs and trangias I have been collecting back in from the little dears for once do not need to be checked for cleanliness and completeness – it makes the task much quicker.

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