the growing season is short enough here without having to wait for it to stop snowing as well

I have given up hope that I can get across the snow-covered flood-plain that is my garden Oh no, not againany time soon. The greenhouse might as well be in the middle of a swamp – with alligators and yetis, and we brought in apples from the garage yesterday which were frozen right through (refreshing, but hard on the teeth). The problem is that some things do need to be planted now to stand any sort of chance, bearing in mind that any seedlings at this address are not only coping with the Scottish climate and the lack of light, but also my rather slapdash experimental peppersgardening methods.

So, I planted chilli and sweet peppers yesterday, in drip-fed irrigation bottles on the kitchen windowsill – I even wore the smashing bright pink gardening gloves that I got for my birthday to celebrate the event. If they germinate I might do some more. If not, I’ll have to come up with a plan B.

Hairy is due home for two weeks over Easter – I might make him brave the garden, but I don’t know that we can do much about the flooding except plant more trees – willows perhaps – or maybe just turn the whole thing into a water feature? At least that should shift next door’s free-range chickens…

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4 Responses to the growing season is short enough here without having to wait for it to stop snowing as well

  1. That looks interesting and I always like to find so etching useful to do with used bottles, etc. How do you set it up?

    • Dead simple – cut bottle in half, make hole in bottle top with skewer, thread piece of string through hole and then place upside down in bottom bit of bottle, fill with soil, plant things and water until water runs through. After that it irrigates itself, and you can see when the reservoir is empty to refill. It works really well for starting chillis, peppers and courgettes.

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