it’s really not my fault…

…that the Library printer is broken. The thing is that a lot of people use it, because it is one of the few colour printers in the building. No-one wants to print in boring old black and white these days. But it is old, fragile and has turned into a paper-chewing monster in the last few weeks. The network manager has looked at it, rattled some bits, sighed heavily and gone off to do a job that he can have some success with – I don’t blame him.

Despite informative emails to everyone, the would-be printees still come. And then they get upset when their presentation gets chewed or their project has blue and yellow diagonal stripes on it. Some of them get grumpy… and that’s not always the kids.

And I just want to go and hide in my office and pretend that it’s nothing to do with me – which actually, it isn’t, but I’m easily found to be complained at.

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