I have been packing tonight – for tomorrow night in a tent, in March, in a country where it has snowed every day for the last fortnight. What on Earth am I doing? Although there is (apparently) no snow lying on the actual ground where we are going, the temperatures are due to be very low. I have a rucsac full of wooly socks… and a heart full of hope that we will not be attempting to pitch a tent on frozen ground, or worse, on top of a snow bank.

It has now snowed here so much and so often that even the kids are bored with it. I had a first year class in this morning and when one of them said ‘It’s snowing again’, most of the class didn’t even look up! Three weeks ago they would have been bouncing around the place asking if we were going to close the school and send them home. Now they’re so blase that some of them have gone back to wearing converse trainers (trendy but not sensible) which then get wet… I had a row of canvas shoes drying under the library radiator period one this morning, and a whole load of kids wandering around in their stocking soles!

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  1. mumof4 says:

    Good luck. It *should* be weather like that where I live… but the last two years Britain has had WAY more snow than where we are in Colorado. Global warming etc. But the idea of camping out is just pure dedication to the outdoors in my book . Good for you! (turns heating up just thinking about it)..

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