good grief it was cold in that tent!

cold tent tagI survived – so did the kids. Handsome even claims to have slept well in the several-degrees-too-cold for my four seasons sleeping bag and three pairs of socks temperatures. It was an experience. I don’t think I’ll repeat it unless I have to. I didn’t sleep that well!

But, the next day made it all worth it: I walked down the side of Loch Lomond on my own (Handsome had to move the car and my colleagues had to move the minibus) on a fantastic cold clear day, when you could see for miles. It was completely silent apart from when the tour boat with loadspeaker went past. I didn’t even see the two groups of kids – one stayed about fifteen minutes in front and the other about fifteen minutes behind. There was cat-ice on the bottom end of the loch and then a stretch of absolutely flat water which perfectly reflected the snow-covered mountains. It was just spectacular.

The kids spent their second night in the youth hostel at Rowardennan, unfortunately there wasn’t room for me and Handsome so we just had to go to the Rowardennan Hotel instead. What a shame… After a good night’s sleep, in a warm bed without lots of teenagers rattling around, we got to walk the second day (between the groups again) down the rest of Loch Lomond together (because someone ran us back to the car at the end of the day).

This is why I love Scotland…

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3 Responses to good grief it was cold in that tent!

  1. The photos are really lovely. Scotland is beautiful…and cold so well done for bagging the hotel!

  2. Hi there, I just noticed that sometimes this page displays a 500 error message. I thought that you would be keen to know. Best wishes

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