climbing blossom

It is such a delight to take Blossom out with us – our own kids are a bit blasé about the things we do all the time, like climbing and hill walking. I suppose that’s pretty natural, they grew up being hauled out on hills and thrust (or pulled) up climbing walls whether they wanted to or not. But it’s all new to Blossom, and she just loves climbing. We took her and Hairy to Ratho with us yesterday, and after making sure that Hairy remembered how to tie the knots and how to belay safely we set them loose (I kept an eye on them all the time, I promise).

Hairy didn’t stand a chance, she had him belaying her up everything she could find that looked climbable, with just the best silly grin on her face the whole time. I really love seeing someone enjoy themselves so much! And then, she got all the way to the top of the slab wall (which is really quite a long way up for a beginner) and did it all on one colour, with no cheating as well. She was (quite rightly) enormously pleased with herself. Almost as pleased as I was when I did the fluoro yellow 6b without stress or strain…

Hairy and Blossom go back to Glasgow tomorrow, and the house will once again be quiet (and tidy) and just a little bit boring.

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